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  • The Clusier Deconstructed Sport Coat (Made in Italy)

    October 16, 2015


  • Our Coppley Made-To-Measure Trunk Show!

    October 9, 2015


  • Prossimo at Clusier Event !

    September 28, 2015


    Untitled design

    Prossimo at Clusier Promotion

    Made in a state of the art factory in Montréal by Jack Victor,
    the Prossimo line of tailored garments are designed with the needs
    and good taste of our clientele in mind. With a nuanced silhouette,
    attention to every detail, and in a staggering choice of luxury fabrics,
    every Prossimo garment is just waiting to be worn! This collection is
    entirely developed by the owner of Clusier, Pierre-Benoit Duhamel,
    and is now sold across North America. We are proud to pioneer this
    new collection and are sure the value provided to our clients will
    be the best we have ever offered.

    We’re excited carry the Prossimo collection and to celebrate we’re
    having a little fun. Stop by for an espresso and let us show you the
    new collection! For the next week we’re even throwing in a free tie
    and pocket square with every Prossimo suit purchase.

    Pay us a visit at your convenience or make an appointment,
    letting us know how you take you coffee!

  • Our Pal Zileri and Samuelsohn Made-to-Measure Trunk Show!

    September 14, 2015


    - Pal Zileri -

    Wearing a Pal Zileri suit is like having put on a second skin.
    When one tries one on, it can only be described as a unique experience.
    We are always eager to show our clients the best we have to offer,
    and when it comes to suiting, Pal Zileri is our luxury offering par excellence.

    Bringing together traditional Italian tailoring and time-tested techniques,
    Pal Zileri suits are made solely with the organic fibres of camel hair, horse hair,
    pure cotton and wool. As a result their suits breathe, move and break down
    the way a suit should. The construction is soft but robust, as the canvassing
    is dense though unbelievably light. Mystifying as it seems at first, this can
    be attributed to the quality of the materials used, but in the final analysis,
    it is the fact that every Pal Zileri suit is meticulously hand finished which
    contributes to its comfort and vitality.

    - Samuelsohn -

    Samuelsohn, a Canadian company with a rich heritage, was founded by
    Lesser Samuelsohn in 1923. Having grown up in New York, he emigrated
    to Canada so that his passioned commitment to the tailoring trade might
    flourish. To this day Samuelsohn, a Montréal operation, is considered
    the first quality manufacturer of men’s suiting on the continent.
    We’re enthusiastic about their made-to-measure program, and we’ve
    been working with them for many years.

    Made the old fashioned way, each and every Samuelsohn suit jacket
    is fully constructed using a horse-hair canvas and is basted.
    This ensures that over time the garment molds to the wearer’s body
    while maintaining an ideal structure. This implies a more comfortable
    fit and a garment that moves with (rather than resisting the movements of)
    its wearer. Every Samuelsohn garment is made to stand the test of time!

  • The Pleasure of Made-To-Measure

    August 27, 2015


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