Most dapper sleeve rolls

The AIFA Roll

The AIFA roll consists of two rolls with the goal of showing a third of your arm. Use the cuff as your guide! The first step is to fold once, about the width of the cuff. Then a second fold of similar width and voilà. This roll can be for a casual attire, to do some manual labour or to look like you’re getting down to some serious business.

The Master Roll

This is our favourite; it has a certain elegance to it and looks like effort was put into it. Pro tip: This looks even more dapper with a contrast in your cuff. Also known as “the Italian”, you begin by folding your sleeve up above your elbow and fold the remaining of your sleeve while still showing a bit of cuff. The master roll allows you to wear a clean dress shirt formally and won’t come undone throughout the day.

The high roller

Equally fold the sleeve twice cuff’s width and a third time in order to cover the entire cuff. The high roller is ideal with semi-casual and casual shirts.