Canali Luxury Menswear | CLUSIER

A prime example of the Italian work-ethic, soulful construction and perfectionism, Canali menswear has been at the forefront of world-class tailoring since 1934. Taking inspiration from their Italian heritage and the endless … Continued

Boglioli Menswear | CLUSIER

Proudly Italian, Boglioli stands tall as the ultimate purveyor of elevated casual, and soft business dress. Founded in the early 1900s, their approach to classic menswear has always challenged the … Continued

Three Ways to Wear It: Re-Hash Denim Jeans

Re-HasH are this season’s CLUSIER essential style piece. They are precision-made for quintessential comfort and fit. Re-HasH are designed and hand-made with care and attention to detail in Italy and each … Continued