Each year, we are proud to develop a fine selection of CLUSIER 100% Italian cotton shirts to enhance your wardrobe. All shirts are made in Europe and have the following quality features:

A soft, semi-spread collar
Long cut body to better hold in the trousers
Convertible cuffs with two buttons for optimal adjustment (except the French cuff style)
Single needle stitch for strong seams and near-invisible stitching
Quality polymer buttons that won’t break or crack during cleaning
Reinforced button holes for durable, long-term wear
Performance finish on the white and blue styles

CLUSIER blue shirt & CLUSIER blue gingham shirt

CLUSIER shirts white & grey ginghamCLUSIER white shirt & CLUSIER grey gingham shirt

LUSIER shirts pink & pink ginghamCLUSIER pink shirt & CLUSIER pink gingham shirt

CLUSIER white French cuff & CLUSIER blue stripe shirtCLUSIER white French cuff & CLUSIER blue stripe shirt