Make 2019 A Year of Quality – Investing in Suits Made with Soul

A proper suit should flow naturally on one’s body, accentuating its contours and emphasizing one’s physical presence with confidence and elegance. In short, a suit should fit. Period.


One can purchase a suit in a variety of styles just about anywhere today. However, this is both a blessing and a curse, for while it is possible to find a quick fix for a special event or interview, the suit’s fit and longevity are typically compromised by poor fabric and construction. Even with only one event in mind, a cheap suit shouldn’t satisfy anyone.


A quality suit is made with the wearer in mind, and is composed of fabric that drapes effortlessly, is breathable, and can endure repeated seasonal cleanings. Moreover, the stitches are mostly done by hand, where the slack produced allows for maximum movement without feeling constricted. Most importantly though is the front of the jacket, which has a horse-hair canvas interior which is attached (or semi-attached, depending on the style) more loosely so as to provide structure without compromising flexibility. Over time a quality suit molds to your body, eve

n more-so when entering the realm of made-to-measure, and some can last well into a decade.

Alternatively, the run-of-the-mill suit won’t see a second year of use without looking worn-out. From the day it is purchased to the end of its days, it will remain rigid due to its unyielding construction. Pressed in most places with cheap glues, sewn without a thought for the body-in-motion, and with fabric that is brittle and susceptible to wear and tear, it is clear that the quick and easy solution isn’t necessarily the most advantageous!

Start the New Year off by getting a haircut that is professional and reflects a stylistic change, and get into the habit of maintaining that look flawlessly. And why not try out a neatly trimmed beard or go for a clean shave if it’s been a while? The world is waiting for



Make 2019 a year of quality!