CLUSIER in NYC 2019 – Rediscovery and Reinvention

New York City has an energy like no other. A metropolis in constant motion, with a bustling nightlife, and so much to see and experience. While our primary purpose is curating the next collection for our esteemed customers, we also perform market research. We take time to unwind and seek inspiration from the establishments we visit, tapping into the pulse of the city that never sleeps.

Most of our trip is spent meeting with our trusted partners, whose portfolio we return to year after year, refining our vision for our in-store collections. Additionally, we meet with many potential new suppliers, learning about their product and operations.

At CLUSIER, we aim to offer our clients the most unique luxury items, but of equal importance, we look for suppliers who can truly become a part of our family: those who conduct their business with passion and integrity, and whose products will truly enrich the CLUSIER experience. Developing these relationships through multiple seasons (and sometimes years) before committing to doing business ensures that who we introduce to our home is worthy of the CLUSIER name and the people we serve!

While we spend a considerable amount of time moving to and from showrooms and busy conventions (such as MRKET, Project NY, and Project Sole), we likewise take to the streets in search of stores, restaurants, bars and cafes that refresh our insight with their innovation, commitment to quality, and exceptional service.

This Winter we were especially impressed by Augustine resto-bar at the Beekman Hotel near City Hall Park and Wallstreet, which exudes a modern class rarely seen today. And of course, the ingenious cocktails at the Nomad Hotel Library Bar (our trusted choice) delight us, and in a setting that is so ambient and personal, it’s like we’ve been invited into their home. The staff passionately speak of the ingredients they use and share stories of how they craft the drinks to create an experience like no other. All the while, being surrounded by hundreds of books ranging from philosophy, global culinary traditions, the history and culture of New York City, and more.


Artisanal passion, an enthusiastic emphasis on quality and experience, and an obsession for discovery – these are the hallmarks that distinguish the ordinary from the extraordinary and what CLUSIER – for the last decade – have striven for. It is inspiration taken from the years of trips like these that lead to our careful curation of collections that tell a story that is modern, unique and refined. Our time spent outside of Montreal has also definitely played a significant role in the design and vision for the new store, our mission to provide a unique and memorable shopping experience and an invitation to ‘our home’ that we hope you’ll stay and enjoy.