Finishing touches for your Winter look

At Clusier we take great care to ensure that our clients are well-dressed for every occasion. Sometimes that occasion is simply walking out your door: so best stay warm with accessories that lend vibrancy and style to your look. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the basics of a functional and inspiring Winter wardrobe!


Eagle Knitwear


Made in Germany, Eagle hats are knit using the finest Merino wool. Not only is the material of the highest caliber, but the way their hats are woven ensures that they will keep their shape after repeated wearing and offer the maximum coverage for the coldest days. Available in tasteful hues that will compliment any ensemble, Eagle accessories are a must-have for anyone attempting to brave the cold! 


BEGG of Scotland Scarves


Masters of their craft since 1866, BEGG & Co. produces some of the most coveted wool blended patterns in Europe. Known for their timeless patterns and robust fabrics, they’ve kept many warm throughout the decades. An easy choice for scarves, expect nothing less from BEGG than the softest wool and cashmere in an array of classic and modern patterns. Whether worn with a work jacket or a tuxedo, there’s always a perfect choice with BEGG. Touch one of their scarves but once and you’ll know what we’re talking about.


Mazzoleni Leather Gloves


“What can be made by hand must not be made by machine” is the philosophy of Mazzoleni, and what better approach for accessories that are made for one’s hands! True pieces of art, Mazzoleni gloves are made in Italy with a passion that is seldom come across in an economy of the mundane and mass-produced. For a personal and inspired addition to your Winter wardrobe, look no further. With a supple leather exterior (the real stuff) and lined with the gentlest wool, we’ve never felt anything quite like them.




The Clusier Knit Tie (Made in Italy)


For our signature knit tie, how could we “knot” go for the genius of Italian craftsmanship? Perfect for the casual or business-chic look, our knit silk and silk-and-wool blend knit ties are the true choice for the discerning gentleman. They pair extraordinarily well with textured and patterned shirts, sport-coats and suits, and add a bit of practical panache to an outfit, effortlessly completing your look. We all wear them, and they can take you just about anywhere you need to go.