Upgrade your style: 5 Menswear tips

Alter your jeans for the perfect fit

Whether they are skinny, slim, regular or relaxed fitted jeans, for a small price to pay, you can obtain the perfect fit. Your options are hemming them for the desired length, take  the waist in or out to make them more comfortable or taper the pant leg for more of a snug fit around the legs. These are easy fixes to make you look sharp, dressed up or dressed down in your denim. Brands we recommend Re-HasH Jeans, Paige and Jacob Cohen.

Left: Jacob Cohen $598 ; Top Right: Re-HasH $ 298; Bottom Right: Paige $298

Opt for a thin wallet not to bulk your suit pockets

Bulky pockets… It’s just not a good look. A wallet should be practical and take up the least room as possible. After all, the minimalist trend is in. Now you can have good looks and functionality in a hand full while protecting your suit from premature damage. We recommend Andersons’ wallet.

Anderson’s CAMO Wallet: $190

Casual should never mean careless

Always stay neat. Try playing around with your favourite combinations for your weekend attire. It can be as simple as a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, hoodie and high top sneakers. A man with style will always dress to impress. And without comfort; there isn’t style.

Bastille T-Shirt: $178; Patrick Assaraf Hoodie: $298; Paige Denim: $308; Zespa High Tops: $498

Keep your shoes clean; no matter the price

Polish leather often, protect your suedes and wash canvas by hand. A great way to lift up the appearance of your sneakers can simply be to change the laces. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your shoes as soon as you get home!

Zespa High Nappa Navy: $498

The right shades

The right pair of shades will give you a complete look on those sunny days. They will even turn your sweat pants and sweater days around to make you look decent. A quality pair of sunglasses also have a great impact on your health: they will reduce eyestrain, headaches and fatigue. Opt for Dom Vetro and you will look your best!

Dom Vetro Vintage Tortoise Sunglasses: $398