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  • Pitti Uomo - Our Favorite Looks!

    June 27, 2016


    Bi-annually in Florence Italy, menswear companies and manufacturers from around the world
    gather to show off their newest collections for the following seasons.

    Pitti Uomo is without a doubt one of the most anticipated menswear events and trade shows
    for menswear globally. At every summit, menswear enthusiasts are drawn to experience and
    contribute to its culture with their passion and creativity.

  • Exchange Your Suit Event !

    June 3, 2016


    For over ten years the NAHA Center has helped men in precarious life situations
    reintegrate into society. It is always an honour to participate in their efforts
    to contribute in a concrete way, directly impacting the lives of men in need.

    We invite you to bring us your used suits (in good condition) which will then
    be given to the NAHA Centre. To thank you for your contribution we are offering
    a price reduction to any and all ready-to-wear suits in store.

    For more information pertaining to the needs of the NAHA Center, visit CENTRENAHA.ORG.

  • Don't forget to wear your pocket square!

    May 27, 2016


    Suits and sport coats are incomplete without a pocket square. Whether made of cotton,
    linen, silk or wool, how to wear one is pretty much a no-brainer. There are no hard-and-fast
    rules about how to do it, but there are styles that every man should know! Each fabric
    has it's own natural tendencies, so experiment with each until you find what shape
    works best. An essential if small detail that puts the finishing touch on every ensemble,
    add some colour to your look with a pocket square. Always!

  • Prossimo Sport Jackets

    April 22, 2016


    Prossimo Jackets (& Three Ways to Wear Them In In the Months Ahead!)

    With no other jacket like them made in Montréal, Prossimo sport coats
    boast impeccable fit, and lightweight construction in array of
    eye-catching fabrics. Designed for man in motion, the jackets are
    slimmer, shorter, have softer shoulders and are made so as to facilitate
    breathability. Just in time for Spring!

    How will you wear yours?

  • Get Casual For Spring!

    April 14, 2016


    Patrick Assaraf Sportswear:
    Tired of the same cotton t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts? Patrick Assaraf
    cottons are silky without being high-maintenance, stretchy but breathable,
    and fit slim without being restrictive. PYA apparel is the future of loungewear.

    The Essential Paige Chino:
    Our new favorite chino, made with stretch-cotton woven in Japan on dedicated looms.
    For when blue jeans are just too predictable, switch it up with some colour and
    unbeatable comfort. Have them hemmed to wear with a sport coat and dress shirt,
    or roll them up with a t-shirt and sneakers.

    Dimattia Casual Pants:
    Pants are sometimes the least thought-of pair of clothing. Fortunately,
    Dimattia is a game-changer. With their trim silhouette, refined detailing,
    and versatile palette, they’re the perfect choice for that Italian business
    casual look.

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